In Honor of Mothers Day and Moms’ Successes

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In honor of Mothers Day and moms, whose successes sometimes include raising up industrial “stars” like Hnery Ford (whenthey’re not indistrail stars in ther own right, of course), I couldn’t pass this quoation up today.

“Every success is the mother of countless others.” ~Henry Ford

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Innovation Cities – Pockets of Innovation

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Have you seen the Fast Company series about “pockets of innovation” in U.S. cities?  I’m enjoying the articles, and think you will to.  Here are a few of the recent stories.

America’s Most Innovative Neighborhood: 15 Square Miles In New Mexico, Population: 0

Hobbs, New Mexico, in the fairly empty and open southeastern part of the state, will be home to CITE – the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation.  This mid-sized city with absolutely no permanent residents is being built by Pegasus Global Holdings as a testbed for “everything about the future of smart cities.”

How Ecodev Persuades Companies To Bring Manufacturing Back To The U.S. (Hint: It’s Cheaper)

Ecodev, a Minnesota-based “boutique” economic development firm, takes on the myth that U.S. manufacturing production can’t be cost-efficient.  It uses a comparative financial model to help client firms assess the cost-benefit of relocating to the U.S.

Why Utah Matters To Virgin, Amazon, and LeBron James

The Foundry, a Salt Lake City/University of Utah “peer-based training ground for entrepreneurs” intended to foster a “creative class” of entrepreneurs to build their businesses in Salt Lake City.

Sure, these may be small efforts, but there are lots of them across the country.  Fast Company has many more stories in its series, and we all know of others in our own local communities.  I’ll give a shout-out to the Los Lunas, New Mexico Live/Work economic development effort, which still contains a thread of its original focus on economic development for home-based businesses.

What’s going on in your community?

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Finding Local Business Information and Why Would You Care?

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Hi all,

The topic of “finding local business information” might not sound relevant for a technical audience, but there are many instance in which it could very well be. 

 Considering entering into a cooperative research agreement with a small firm outside your stomping grounds?  Received an RFP from a potential new supplier but don’t know too much about them? Thinking of expanding manufacturing to another State/town?  These are just a few examples of the need for local business information.

It so happens that an AIIP colleague, Marcy Phelps, has written an outstanding book on finding local business information — Research on Main Street

And another  AIIP colleague, Ellen Naylor, wrote a comprehensive blog post about a recent webinar by Marcy,  on strategies, techniques, and sources to find local  business information.  It’s still on my to-do list to sign-in for a recorded version of that webinar but even if I’d attended it already I could not have written a better post.  So read Ellen’s instead.  Strategies, Techniques, and Sources to Find Local  Business Information.

And let me – or them – know if you need any research assistance 🙂

Nora K. Stoecker, NKS Info Services

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What can an independent information professional do for your business? Many things!

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Thanks to Ulla de Stricker for blogging about a recent ASIST Bulletin article highlighting the variety  of ways independent information professionals can add value to your business, be it in the biomedical field, high tech, government contracting, the non-profit sector, or more.  These IIPs provide competitive intelligence, market research, patent searching, government information, writing services, knowledge management, and so much more.  But I don’t need to expound – please visit Ulla’s blog about the ASIST article “Adding Value: The Business of Independent Information Professionals.”

And P.S. – yes, I am an independent info pro too 🙂 –nks

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EU Commissioners see opportunity in economic downturn and climate change

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The EUs competitiveness ministers concluded recently that the economic downturn and global issues such as climate change could present new business opportunities, new markets, and new jobs, if Europe makes the transition to an eco-efficient economy. 

Key factors discussed include: educating business and industry about the potential opportunities, committing to research, innovation, development, and the creation of new jobs to support an eco-economy, and greener public procurement legislation and performance specs. 

Barriers to overcome include: institutional and bureaucratic ones, inadequate financing for eco-transformations, and inadequate knowledge of how to go about the transformation. If solutions were discussed, they were not reported in the “No time to lose on the eco-economy” article.

For more business, science, and technology information from a European perspective, visit the European Commission’s CORDIS (Community Research & Development Information Service) website. –nks

Need more information or addional research?  Contact me.

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SBA offers online course on succeeding at federal contracting

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“Recovery Act Opportunities: How to Win Federal Contracts” is the title of a new online course offered by the US Small Business Association.  The online audio course is designed to help small businesses understand the federal procurement process and to provide information about contracting opportunities made available through the Recovery Act. 

See the Federal Times announcement here, or link straight to the course here.  Don’t know about you, but I’m off to start learning! –nks

Need more information?  Perhaps I can help.

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Update your market research, Tech firms

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There’s more to research (and staying in business) than technological R&D.  There’s market research – and it needs to be updated.  Regularly.

The “Market Research” column by Betsy Gillette in the current issue of Innovation (June/July 2009) addresses this topic in a piece titled “Updating Your Research“.   It opens with “When you started your technology business you probably spent hours doing market research  [which] helped you determine the best market, define it, develop go-to market strategies, and position yuour product against your competition.  And now you’re successfully in the market … what’s next?”  The answer – continue doing market research! 

Major categories of  information that need frequent attention are: the industry, competitors, customers, and techology.  What are some of the things you’ll want to keep an eye on, according to Betsy?

Industry: new/revised regulations; issues driven by the economy and/or customers; collaborations that could impact your business; other changes.

Competitors: who are they? how are they perceived? competitive intelligence such as marketing practices, product prices, major customers; and more.

Customers  (yours): numbers; financial situations; needs; market positions; other information.

Technology: what technological innovations are occuring that may represent an opportunity or a threat to your business?

The column offers suggestions on how you can do some of this research yourself.  It’s an easy read; I won’t duplicate it here. 

However (to plug my own profession) this kind of ongoing market scan can be handled expertly by in-house research librarians if you’re lucky enough to employ them).  It’s also the kind of research and project that’s right up the alley of  many members of the Association of Independent Information Professionals, AIIP. ( Full disclosure, I’m a member.)  The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals also has some members who offer contract services, and there are other sources as well, I’m sure.

Whether you do the research yourself, or whether you contract with others to do it (leaving you free to act on the data),  be sure it gets done. –nks

Need more information?  Perhaps I can help.

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